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WHAT:Deep Stretch Yoga with Elyse Mullis

WHEN: Wednesdays at 6:45pm

WHERE: Charlotte Yoga South End – 1430 Winnifred St, Charlotte

Yoga_UCF Pic
Elyse is a former member of Ultimate CrossFit and continues to train with a CrossFit athlete as part of her fitness routine. She has always integrated yoga in to her weekly workouts and not only has yoga changed her core strength, but she noticed a large difference in her flexibility.  She took the leap in to yoga teacher training in January of this year and completed the 200hr yoga teacher training program at Charlotte Yoga, studying under Jaimis Huff and Jennifer Busco. After completing her training she developed a passion for integrating yoga in to any athletes routine. Whether they are a runner, powerlifter, Olympic lifter, CrossFitter, etc. she wants to help them experience the benefits of yoga.  Elyse will be bringing a Deep Stretch class to all members of Ultimate CrossFit-and she will not take the excuse that you cannot ‘do yoga’ because you are not flexible! That is exactly what deep stretch is for-stretching deep in to those tight muscles with all levels of modifications available. Thus resulting in deeper squats for bigger PR’s!  When Elyse isn’t at the Studio, you can find her zipping around on her bike in the Southend area, asking strangers what nail color they are wearing or elbow deep in glitter crafting her heart out.