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CF Blog November 8

Partner WOD:Fokis Gr8ness Flyer
800m Med Ball Run
100 Lateral Plyo Skier Hops
50 Burpees
100 Ball Slams (30/20)
50 T2B
100 Lateral Plyo Skier Hops
800m Med Ball Run

Min 1: 10 Burpees
Min 2: 15 Ball Slams
Min 3: 10 Calorie Row
Min 4: 15 Abmat Sit-ups
Min 5: 200m Run


Fokis will be at the gym today hitting up a WOD on his “Gr8ness Under Construction” tour.  Come meet him and sneak in a great WOD in the process!

A little from Fokis:

My name Fokis, I am a recording artist out of NYC that used to weigh 303lbs before I discovered Crossfit & The Paleo Diet. I am down 89lbs and my goal is to break the 200lb mark so I am traveling throughout the US hitting various boxes until I get there.  I am documenting my Crossfit journey/transformation for my documentary I am putting together called *Gr8nessUnder Construction*.  You can check out my promo video here or on my website which will give you a brief description of my story. You can also check out my Instagram/FB/Twitter which is @Fokeezy and you can get an idea of all the boxes I have visited so far (215).

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