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CF Blog February 5

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2013 Open WOD:
Clean & Jerk (135/95)
Toes to Bar


Great information from Barbell Shrugged…remember we do offer Beyond the Whiteboard as a tool to monitor your training!

Get strong by monitoring your training

By Chris
what is required to grow stronger?

The first ingredient is obvious – There has to be a training dose. And just like with a medicine you might take, there is always an initial exposure, then a response. An effect. But that said, it’s still hard to know for sure.

We can remove some of that response uncertainty by building great habits. For example, if you are mindful of the #windowofgainz after training and disciplined enough to make quality sleep a daily priority, then you will be able to tolerate and adapt to much higher training doses. In other words, you can grow stronger, much faster.

But there’s still another step to take if you want to get the best possible result. To make the very most of your training, you need to build a habit of measurement and careful observation.

For optimal performance, measure.

There is training dose, food and rest. But you still need to close the loop by actively monitoring your response to training. Depending on what you observe, you can then adjust your dose up or down, whatever it takes to achieve a relatively steady rate of progression.

There’s no other way to grow stronger, actually.

While there are a million things you could measure, in infinite detail, the truth is that nothing complicated is required. The simple act of taking measure is itself most of the magic. When you pay close attention, to where your work is going and if it’s working, you’ll naturally notice more and more ways to improve. That’s just one of the perks that comes with making the effort and paying attention.

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