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5.31.14: Don’t Hate on the 848

5.31.14: AG Track at 8:30 am

Run 800m
– rest 2:00
Run 4x 400m
– rest 1:30 after each
Run 800m

We’re running hard this week. Intervals are medium to short, and we’re keeping the overall distance relatively short so you can keep your intensity high.

Video: Alexa Efraimson set the HS 1600m record this week by running a 4:33. And she’s only a Junior.

One Response to “5.31.14: Don’t Hate on the 848”

  1. Barrett
    May 31, 2014 at 7:12 am #

    As long as the rain holds off, we’ll still be out on the track. Nice cool breeze.

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