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CF Blog March 4

Strength: Push Press 3RM993591_10151691519340568_66268258_n

Start w/750m Row

6 Rounds
5 Power Cleans (175/125)
5 GHD Sit-ups

Finish w/75 Double Unders


Endurance News!

**UCF Endurance: Spartan Race Challenge
On Wednesday, we’re holding a Spartan Challenge Workout. The workout is a great endurance WOD and will mimic (and prepare) you for obstacle course races. The person in the gym that posts the fastest time for this workout will win a free pass to the next Spartan race here in Charlotte (3/22 or 3/23). Good luck and have fun!
**Endurance Class Schedule Addition – Starting Monday, March 17th we’ll be
back at AG Track on Mondays at 6pm.

Great write-up by Rob Silver for


Posted by Rob Silver on 1/25/2014 in Training Tips

The longer you CrossFit, the more you’ll learn about yourself, your body, and the community you’ve become apart of. Here I’m going to share 10 things I’ve learned since having started coaching over 5 years ago. Read on!

The mainsite ( will always kick your butt – It might not seem that way, but still packs a punch. If you are bored of following intricate programs, go back to the mainsite and don’t change anything.

You do not need to PR everyday – There is no point in getting disappointed if you didn’t set a new max or beat your old Fran time. What matters is that you are consistently improving over the long term. A bad breakfast can ruin one training session, not a whole season.
You do not need to Max Out everyday – Yes, Olympic weightlifters might do it, but you are not an Olympic weightlifter. You are a functional athlete. You do not need to max out every day to get stronger and better.
Moderation – 50 Pull-ups are good. 200 are better. Nope. Remember, it is not only the sheer volume, but the quality of training time you put in. If you are trying to get a new skill, do not just hop on the bar and try to knock out butterfly pull-ups until your hands rip. Instead, practice the progressions slowly and you are sure to get them.
Check your ego at the door. No, really. Check your ego at the door – As your training ‘age’ goes up, you will understand that there is always someone that will be better than you on a workout. Do running workouts with runners and strength workouts with strong guys. This will not only force you to get better but force you to keep that ego in check.
You never know too much – The moment that you think you know it all, someone will provide you with a reality check. There is always more information out there. If you know everything about Olympic weightlifting (really?) why don’t you research what training method will aid in buffering FKBP12. You get the idea.
You are not Rich Froning (gasp!) – This is one of my favorites. Even if you are good enough to knock Rich off his barbell throne, you got there your own way, not his way. Everyone responds to training differently. You need to realize what works best for you and focus on that.
Magic Pills are magic – This goes for both supplements and training programs. Following for one day won’t make you a games champion just like taking Essence of Ram Vas Deferas won’t make you squat 500lbs. Hard work is magical, but magic doesn’t exist outside Hogwarts.
Not everything applies, but it might be applicable – This might sound like a Yogism and it might be. For example, Westside Barbell training might not apply to a functional athlete because it is designed only around 3 lifts at known events, but some of the teachings, like working hard on your weaknesses, are very applicable to your training. Always keep this question in mind when learning from outside of your field. How is it applicable?
It is not always worth it – Yeah, you might want to show that young gun up because he just yelled to the whole room about his PR in a very self-centered manner. Don’t fall for his bait. Continue teaching to a whole new generation of athletes everything that you have learned along the way.
There you have it folks. 10 things that you will learn the longer you CrossFit. I might be young but have been involved with CrossFit long enough to have learned every one of these lessons the hard way. Please read up and have a nice think about your training after this. Leave any questions or comments for me below.

3 Responses to “CF Blog March 4”

  1. Doug (The Tall One)
    March 4, 2014 at 8:14 am #

    One thing that I get reminded of from time to time could be added to this list. And, that is that CrossFit is as much a mental workout as it is a physical one. If you can do three rounds of any given WOD, then you can do five. The last two rounds aren’t only there to make your body work for a longer duration, they are there to test your mental toughness to push through when things really start to suck, like you know rounds four and five are going to.

    Also, I miss captions for the pics on the blog. I think we need to start posting fun captions to take some of the burden off of the folks maintaining the site.

    Today’s “MmMmmmmm mmmmmmm Mmm Mmmmmm Mm Mmmm”… Translation… “This smells just like real grass!”

  2. Steve
    March 4, 2014 at 10:33 am #

    “Look Ma, reverse snow angel.”

  3. Mie
    March 4, 2014 at 9:02 pm #

    Aw geez, Doug…. Here I thought I was just out of cardio-shape, but now I know I’m out of mental-shape too!

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