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B_SkeltonName: Bryan Skelton

Bootcamping since: May 2011

How often: MWF FTW!

Favorite workout: All the ones that start and end with stretching, I’m not picky. I don’t hate burpees, and sprinting > running.

Least favorite: OK, a little picky – pull-ups are my goat, and anything with more than 100 air squats brings the PAIN.

Personal fitness goal: My wife Heather (who goes to the gym @UCF) and I have a goal to make it age 102 together, so we figured overall fitness via Crossfit and good diet via modPALEO would help us on the journey. We also have young twin boys, and I don’t want to be that Dad who says, “Sorry, can’t play XYZ with you right now, my back hurts.” Don’t be that guy.

What’s the best part of Bootcamp: How do you summarize what has been 2+ years of awesomeness? It starts with the coaches, who are certified (thankfully) and certifiable (you get up how early, how often??), who teach correct form to keep you safe, know when to push you to do more, or when not to. The programming and varied workouts are great, but it really ends with the people themselves in Bootcamp. I show up not just for myself, and my goals, but also because I know everyone else is showing up at Dark:30 and putting in the work – that is very motivating. Icing on the cake (that you no longer eat AMIRITE?!?) is you are outside in nature, often finishing your workout as the sun is rising, before most folks are even out of bed. Pretty damn satisfying.

Slogan for my t-shirt: Just keep showing up.

Why UCF Bootcamp: I started in the gym, and really like all the coaches and people there, but I kept finding excuses not to go. I thought Hirst was trying to be my friend because I kept getting those emails from him, “Hey Bryan, haven’t seen you in a while, hope everything is ok.” But with Bootcamp, it just clicked, every MWF, just get up and go. The influence of Crossfit, good folks from the gym, strength and conditioning, with stretching every time (did I mention stretching?) keeps me coming back.


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