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We are now accepting sponsorships. OK, there is lots to cover today. It’s Random Notes. Welcome.

Boat shoes from adidas.

Mad Men, The Pitch… advertising is all the rage these days, huh? In real reality… is it swallowing the creative class?

A new HBO documentary called The Weight of the Nation premieres May 14th and 15th.

Why does the campaign to stop childhood obesity keep failing? Gary Taubes on the matter. (thanks to Boone for the link).

In memoriam a member of one of my first music loves, here’s an (interesting) article on the second career of MCA/Adam Yauch. And another great one from Sasha Frere-Jones.

Changing gears, here are 15 powerful things that happy people do.

Y’know that Ice Cube song “Today Was a Good Day”? Ever wonder what day that was? Me too. Found the answer: January 20, 1992.

7 foods you should NEVER eat.

How did traditional media beat social media (I hear it’s all the rage) to the punch on this?

That’s all for politically-pointed links. Promise.

Are you in touch with your internal time?

The WSJ is reporting that schools have a big impact on our childhood obesity problem. Really?

5 strategies to manage technology overload. I know some of you need this badly.

Last childhood obesity-related link / trailer for the day: Lunch Hour: America’s School Lunch Program. Warning… this one will get you fired up.

Can “liking” stuff on Facebook get you in trouble at your job?

5/10 Workout:
“TheĀ  Boone.2” 4 x 4 min AMRAP with 1 minute rest between. Partner 1 performs a dumbell movement while Partner 2 does hill run with push ups or sit ups. Round 1. goblet squats – push ups. Round 2. shoulder press – sit ups. Round 3. walking lunge – push ups. Round 4. bent-over row – sit ups.

Push Ups: 40


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  1. Chris
    May 10, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

    Never heard of Uncrate. Now I can’t stop looking. I want things.

    But that Good Day research was brilliant — made my day

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